Serial Port Redirector

Serial Port Redirector for Windows

Redirect a virtual serial port to a network

Serial Port Redirector allows to create virtual serial ports assigned to IP addresses and TCP ports. Any serial communication software can use created virtual COM port, like usual hardware COM port, to send/receive serial data to/from assigned TCP/IP address and port. Serial Port Redirector allows to connect over local network or Internet any PC applications directly with network enabled serial devices or other serial communication software.


  • Redirect serial port data to TCP/IP network
  • Up to 255 virtual serial ports can be created at a time (depends on license)
  • Once created virtual serial ports are operable at each system startup
  • Telnet protocol (RFC-2217) support
  • Raw data transmission support
  • Preset serial port control signals
  • Auto-reconnect of the broken network connections
  • Cache data of the broken network connections
  • Auto-check of the new program versions
  • User friendly interface
  • Hot program installation - no system reboot is required
  • Compatible with wide variety of TCP/IP-based serial device servers
  • Compatibility with PnP and WMI technologies

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Serial Port Redirector


Serial Port Redirector 1.4.10

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